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Green Trout Outfitters Handmade Rope Dog Leash Eco-Friendly Supporting National Forests

It's officially official! Green Trout Outfitters is getting a BIG overhaul this year. Earlier I shared that I really struggled with Green Trout Outfitters in 2019, and I realized that it was because somewhere along the line, I lost my mission. So I took a break, did a TON of planning and I am ready to share with you all my huge plans moving forward.

Nature has always been a huge piece of my life. There's something incredible about just spending time outdoors with nature. As a kid, I lived next to a large wooded area with a river flowing right through it all. I spent hours upon endless hours in those woods - sometimes alone, sometimes with our family dogs, sometimes with friends.

I learned so much about myself and the earth. I built relationships with dogs - we really had to trust each other out there - and lifelong bonds with friends.

Moving forward, I am committing to donating one tree to National Forests for every leash sold. There are over 180 million acres of National Forests in the United States, and it all belongs to US - me and you. But unfortunately, many of these forests are at risk of deforestation due to wildfires, disease, and more.

These forests provide clean water to millions, they provide a habitat for thousands of plant and animal species, and most importantly: A peaceful slice of nature for us to get away from all the noise.

In addition, I am continuing my efforts to be eco minded by reducing my waste and using eco friendly materials whenever possible.

If you visit the site, you'll see that a lot of things are missing. I'm currently working on revamping everything and when it's all ready I'll be holding a grand reopening. Lookout for it later this month or early February!

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