The All New Wayfarer Leash


Green Trout Outfitters Handmade Rope Dog Leash

When I started the rebranding process, I knew right away I wanted to change the names of a lot of gear I had in the shop. I wanted everything to feel cohesive and exciting. So first thing I did was start brainstorming words!

Naming a collecting just based on how it was made, or what it felt like was boring. I wanted names that conjured up feelings of adventure and the outdoors. So, while "Xtra Soft" definitely (definitely) describes how these leashes feel, it's a pretty unexciting name.

After I had my big, long list of words I narrowed it down to a handful I really liked and so in an instant Xtra Soft rope leashes became Wayfarer leashes! A wayfarer is a person travelling on foot, so I thought, "What could be better for a dog leash!?"

In addition to a brand new name, I've also changed the rope sizing slightly. The all new Wayfarer Leashes will be available in 3 rope sizes! Yes, THREE! Recently, the 1/2" rope I was using as size Large had been coming in a tiny bit thinner than back when I first started carrying the "Xtra Soft" rope. I was a little concerned at first, but after taking the rope to a ruler, it was indeed 1/2" in diameter. The rope that was thicker was actually larger than 1/2"!

So, on to my next light bulb moment - Why don't I just carry this rope in the next size up too? Duh! And that's exactly what I'm doing!

Green Trout Outfitters Handmade Rope Dog Leash - Wayfarer

In case you'd like to know how the new sizes compare to the old sizes, I gotchu!

Xtra Soft Wayfarer
(didn't carry) LARGE

The new size Large is comparable to the thicker 1/2" rope I was receiving back when I first introduced the Xtra Soft line of leashes (if you can remember that far back!).

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