Build a Box

Sometimes you just need a whole lotta leashes!

Whether you live in a multi-dog household, want to share Green Trout Outfitters leashes with your friends, split a box, or just want to collect them all - we've got you covered. With GTO's Build a Box, you can add 4, 5, 6 or 7 or more leashes to your cart and receive an automatic bulk discount! The more you buy to fill your box, the bigger the discount:

  • 4 leashes: 20% off
    • Coupon: BUILDABOX4
  • 5 leashes: 25% off
    • Coupon: BUILDABOX5
  • 6 leashes: 30% off
    • Coupon: BUILDABOX6
  • 7+ leashes: 35% off
    • Coupon: BUILDABOX7

Fill your box with any leashes in the shop!

    Just add the leashes of your choice to your cart, hit the "Check Out" button, and enter the coupon code that corresponds to the # of leashes you have. You can mix and match different leash types and sizes! Whatever your needs are, we have you covered! The leashes below are a few of our best sellers to get you started.

    *Additional discounts not applicable; Ready to Ship and Custom Orders not included