Cotton Collars

Green Trout Outfitters Rope Dog Collars are made with soft 100% all natural cotton rope. Every collar is hand crafted from beginning to end, and custom fit to your pup.

The best part about rope collars? They won't mat your dog's fur, or leave a collar ring around their neck. The soft rope is gentle on their skin, and fur - instead of rubbing or pulling, the soft rope rolls.

We dye each piece of rope by hand with a permanent dye that can be worn through water and mud without worry of color washout or fade! The best part - they can be easily washed in the washing machine!

Each collar is one of a kind, made with solid brass hardware and a 4 tuck splice at either end for added durability and strength. Finally, we bind the loose ends with a secure sailmaker's whip using all natural hemp twines.

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