About Us


There is something extraordinary about spending time outdoors. Nature connects us to the earth and wildlife. When we spend time with nature, we are able to get away from the noise and focus on the things that matter. Green Trout Outfitters is a small handmade business specializing in pet accessories for dog owners who enjoy spending time outdoors. We create rope dog leashes that give back to the planet, and in turn, ourselves.

With every leash purchased, one tree is donated to the National Forest Foundation. National Forests cover more than 180 million acres in the United States. That’s over 180 million acres of forest that belongs to us. Every day trees in National Forests are lost due to wildfire, disease, insects, logging and more. Without our help, we face losing this beautiful natural resource that we are entitled to. Whether we rely on that resource for clean water, or to take a peaceful hike with our favorite people and pets, it’s all ours.

Green Trout Outfitters values the planet, freedom to explore and creativity. Our mission is to create high quality, long lasting rope leashes and pet accessories that are made in the USA using as many locally sourced, eco friendly materials as possible. We stand behind our commitment by reducing waste, recycling and supporting organizations that work to conserve our planet.