Green Leash Program

Green Trout Outfitters rope leashes & collars are handcrafted to be durable and withstand all your adventures, however life happens and sometimes things just wear out! If you have a leash or collar that's seen better days but the hardware is still in good shape, Green Trout Outfitters can help!

Instead of tossing your leash in the trash and sending it off to a landfill, send it back to us! As part of the Green Leash Program, Green Trout Outfitters will replace the rope on any leash or collar using the hardware you already have.

Program Policies

The Green Leash Program is available to anyone that currently owns a rope leash or collar from Green Trout Outfitters, and any new customer that purchases any leash or collar from Green Trout Outfitters. As long as all the hardware on your rope leash or collar is still in good, working condition we can recycle the rope portions of your leash or collar. Even if the rope is worn, frayed or torn.

Replacement leash must be the same type of leash as the worn leash, ie. it must use all the same hardware. For example, if you'd like to recycle a hands-free leash, your "new" leash must also be a hands-free leash. However, the length and color choice is totally up to you! Even add additional Upgrades or Add-Ons!

Next Steps

In order to take advantage of the Green Leash Program, please follow the steps below:

  1. Fill out the form below with all your information
  2. Mail your worn leash back to Green Trout Outfitters at the address below
  3. After we receive your leash, you will receive an email that includes your 60% discount and how to use it
  4. Select & purchase your "new" leash!

 What We Do

After we receive your rope leash or collar, we will inspect it to make sure all hardware is in good working condition. Then, we will clean all your hardware and re-lubricate the clasp(s). All rope will be replaced with brand new rope, and then we ship your "new" leash back to you!


Sender is responsible for shipping the worn leash to Green Trout Outfitters. We recommend using a tracked service, as Green Trout Outfitters is not responsible for packages lost in transit to us.

While it is not required, USPS Priority Mail includes $50 insurance that will cover your package if it is lost, stolen or damaged during shipment.

Leash & Collar Care

All Green Trout Outfitters rope leashes & collars can be easily machine washed. Just place your leash in a mesh laundry bag and toss in the wash! I recommend using a mild, colorsafe detergent and the "hot" setting on your machine. After washing, remove from mesh bag and hang to air dry.

Sticky clasp? Relubricate your clasp by squirting penetrating oil (WD-40, Seafoam, etc) into the hinge or trigger mechanism.


Green Trout Outfitters offers a limited 3 month warranty on all product. If any product fails due to any defects in materials or hardware, please contact Green Trout Outfitters at for replacement options.





Ship Worn Leash To:

Green Trout Outfitters
3159 S Term St
Burton MI 48529
The Fine Print:
  • Leashes recycled due to chewing are limited to 2 exchanges person.
  • Production of "new" leash doesn't begin until worn leash is received.