Camouflage Tie-Dye Test Leash

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These were sample tests for the new Camouflage leash, however they did not turn out quite as well as expected. The brown just isn't right, and the brown dye wasn't very susceptible to the tie-dye method.

I don't think they look awful, so that's why I thought I would put them up for grabs for you guys! The brown dye left little red dots on the leashes, but most splotches are not super noticeable unless you really look up close at the leash.

I cannot guarantee which leash you will receive, as each is unique.

Purchases are final - no returns, exchanges or refunds will be processed on these items.


  • All natural 100% soft cotton rope
  • Solid brass hardware, available in 3 finishes
  • Secure Sailmaker's Whip with natural hemp twine
  • 3 Rope thicknesses for dogs of all sizes

Suggested sizes:
TOY/SMALL dogs (under 15 lbs) - 1/4" 
SMALL/MEDIUM dogs - 3/8"
LARGE dogs - 1/2"
If your pup is a puller, we suggest ordering one size up. 

***Each leash is hand dyed and handmade from beginning to end, so there may be slight variations in color and/or length.