Medium Wayfarer Collar (14-19")-Rope Collar-Green Trout Outfitters-Rope Dog Leash and Collar-ecofriendly
Medium Wayfarer Collar (14-19")-Rope Collar-Green Trout Outfitters-Rope Dog Leash and Collar-ecofriendly
Medium Wayfarer Collar (14-19")-Rope Collar-Green Trout Outfitters-Rope Dog Leash and Collar-ecofriendly

Medium Wayfarer Collar (14-19")

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Green Trout Outfitters' collection of Wayfarer Collars uses the same eco-friendly rope as the Leash Collection. These collars are so soft, your dog won't even notice they have one on! Every collar is hand crafted from beginning to end, and custom fit to your dog.

Rope collars are great for dogs of all coat types, because the rope tends to roll in the fur rather than rub & mat or pull at the hair. Our 100% cotton Wayfarer rope is made using upcycled textile waste, so it's never dyed or treated with chemicals. These collars won't irritate your dog's skin.

The clasp collar includes a swivel spring clasp, making it easy to put on or take off, and difficult for your pup to undo.


  • USA made, lightweight 100% plush cotton rope that’s unbelievably soft, sure to be your dog’s new favorite “t-shirt”
  • Solid brass hardware that won’t rust, available in 3 finishes
  • Secure Sailmaker's Whip with natural hemp twine
  • 3 rope thicknesses for dogs of all sizes


Small comes with SMALL rope (size 8-13")
Medium comes with MEDIUM rope (size 14-19")
Large comes with LARGE rope (20"+)

How to Measure

Each collar is tailor made to fit your dog. In order to get a perfect fit, we ask that you provide your dog's ACTUAL neck measurement when you purchase.

In order to get an accurate measurement, it is best to use a soft measuring tape.

  1. With your dog in a stand or sit, wrap the soft tape around the center of the neck.
  2. Soft tape should be snug around the neck. Make sure there is no slack, but also that it is not too tight. The skin around the soft tape should not "bulge." Do not leave the typical 2 finger space.
  3. The end, marked 0, should overlap the soft tape. Where it lands is your dog's actual neck measurement.
  4. If the measurement lies between 2 numbers: Round down if it is less than halfway between; Round up if it is 1/2 or greater.
  5. Please provide the actual measurement of your dog's neck when ordering.

I use this number as a starting point to get the best fit for your dog. Do not add any additional length to this number when ordering, as I typically add an additional 1-2" to accommodate the typical 2 finger space.

Initial fit may be snug, but cotton rope has a tendency to stretch slightly once it’s been broken in.

Due to the handmade nature of our product, the turnaround time for most orders is approximately 2-3 weeks - allow additional time for custom orders. Once completed, your order will ship within 48 hours with the exception of weekends and holidays. Delivery times vary from country to country, but may take up to 3 weeks for orders shipping outside of the USA.

Orders shipped within the USA generally arrive within 3-8 business days.

We ship to most major countries. Delivery times to countries outside of the United States may take up to 3 weeks (longer in some cases), and customs or import taxes may apply. The buyer is responsible for any customs and import taxes due at time of delivery. Green Trout Outfitters is not responsible for any delays due to customs or international mail handlers.

All Green Trout Outfitters products include a limited 3 month warranty. If any product fails due to any defects in materials or hardware, please contact Green Trout Outfitters at for replacement options.

We will accept returns or exchanges on items if you contact us within 1 week of the date you receive your order (based on tracking information). Item(s) must be in new, unused condition and be returned within 30 days of the initial contact date. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Please contact us to discuss options.

If you receive an item that is defective, we will repair or replace the item after return of the defective product. However, we cannot exchange or refund items damaged due to misuse or chewing. While our products are durable, they are not indestructible - please be sure to periodically check over your items and replace when necessary.