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Organic Hemp Webbing Collar

Organic Hemp Webbing Collar

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The clasp collar includes a swivel spring bolt clasp, making it easy to put on or take off, and difficult for your pup to undo.

- Organic hemp webbing
- Solid brass hardware, available in 3 finishes 
- Sewn with heavy duty polyester thread, and stitched across all "wear" spots

- XS (0.75" width) 7-10" neck
- S (0.75" width) 10-14" neck
- M (1" width) 12-18" neck
- L (1" width) 15-22" neck
- L (1.5" width) 15-22" neck
- XL (1.5" width) 18-26" neck
- XXL (1.5" width) 26"+ neck


Our organic hemp webbing is all natural and chemical free. It is produced sustainably, and "sweatshop-free", which means workers are given a clean and safe work space, and are paid fair wages. Hemp creates a strong fiber which can withstand wear & tear as well as dirt, water & mud. The organic fibers give this collar a rustic, natural look with minimal stretch, maximum strength and still feels soft on the hands (and neck!).

**The organic hemp webbing we use is minimally processed and never bleached or dyed, so color may be slightly lighter or darker than pictured depending on the batch of rope we receive from the manufacturer.