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SM Clasp Collar

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The clasp collar includes a swivel spring clasp, making it easy to put on or take off, and difficult for your pup to undo.

- All natural 100% soft cotton rope
- Solid brass hardware, available in 3 finishes
- Secure Sailmaker's Whip with natural hemp twine
- 3 Rope thicknesses for dogs of all sizes (Size Small comes with 1/4" rope)

***Each collar is hand dyed and handmade from beginning to end, so there may be slight variations in color.

Each collar is tailor made to fit your dog. In order to get a perfect fit, we ask that you provide your dog's CURRENT neck measurement. In order to get an accurate measurement, it is best to use a soft measuring tape.
(1). With your dog in a stand or sit, wrap the soft tape around the center of the neck.
(2). Soft tape should be snug around the neck. Make sure there is no slack, but also that it is not too tight. The skin around the soft tape should not "bulge."
(3). The end, marked 0, should overlap the soft tape. Where it lands is your dog's neck measurement.
(4). If the measurement lies between 2 numbers: Round down if it is less than halfway between; Round up if it is 1/2 or greater.

Size SMALL is anything up to 13"